We have all been involved in communication when people say, “No, listen to me.” When in fact, effective communication is when we listen first, empathically, with understanding, become fully aware of how others see the world.  We have all heard, “I don’t understand my son, he never listens to me.”  What is wrong with this statement?

The first thing we might say is, “I know where my son is coming from.”  But in fact, unless we are in his shoes we really have to seek to understand before he can be expected to understand our position.  Here, we may agree to disagree before we start communications.  Take away any hidden agendas, manipulations, etc.  Listen with deep concern and understand the situation.

We can best define this as 1+1=3.  The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  Agree to continue communication until we can arrive at a better solution than originally proposed.  Working together, we can accomplish anything.  This is true interdependency.

If we understand and apply the principles of synergy in our company, we will achieve the kind of team-based working relationship that is conducive to Making a Difference with both our customers and our colleagues.

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